Copper Creek Detox Retreat

Welcome to the Nantahala Forest in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina. 

Many have said that Copper Creek is one of the deepest places they have ever been. In a valley between two mountains with three streams and a multitude of wildlife – Copper Creek feels protected and wild. It is a place where you can truly come home to yourself inside your body. The inner-work at Copper Creek is profound, Spirit can be heard and the Soul uplifted.

Copper Creek is in it of itself a healing and rejuvenating land. Simply being there - the creek's ions and the land's aliveness - will begin to strip away the layers of toxicity and heaviness carried in the body's field and cells. Immediately you will begin to feel yourself again. The fresh air, wilderness, oxygen, and the brilliantly alive nature is inspiring and nurturing.  

At Copper Creek there are no electrical wires, cell reception, Wi-Fi, or interference of any kind. Copper Creek is surrounded by national park lands - and the 80,000 acres of wilderness can be felt. The beauty of this nature reflects the inner nature. 

Silent Detox Retreats at Copper Creek

Your days are spent releasing and rejuvenating with juices and smoothies, bodywork, walks, quiet, and contemplation.

All detoxes are designed with Apollonia. You will be accompanied by a staff person who will prepare meals, and offer detox therapies.

The beautiful red "Detox Barn" has been renovated with 4 therapy rooms. The home we call the "Lotus House" is elegant and cozy, with large windows and porches. Perfect for any season.

Bodywork Offerings:
Essential Oil Therapies
Colonics and Castor Oil Packs
System Reboots
BodySound Chair
Detox Foot Baths
Magnesium Wraps
System Recovery
Kinesiology Sessions
...and more...

Plus - begin your detox in Atlanta with a Replenish IV, LLC treatment!

All of the treatments offered in Atlanta are now being offered at Copper Creek.

Tuition for a Detox Weekend:

Base Tuition 3-Day Retreat: $2000
Base Tuition 6-Day Retreat: $4000

Base tuition for 3-Day Retreat includes:

  • Housing, meals, and transportation from Atlanta

  • 2 Colonics

  • 3 BodySound Chair Sessions

  • 4 AMI Sessions

  • 3 Detox Foot Baths

  • 1 Reboot

Additional sessions may be added a la carte.

Please contact Tatiana for more information, or to schedule this unique detox and healing experience.