Understanding and clearing belief systems is essential to unfolding into all that is possible.  As we study the life, our creativity, work, and relationships...  we continue to energetically remove the interference of the culturally programmed life - to open to a new paradigm (one that is already existing now) of being guided on the the soul's path.

 To schedule: email veena@awarenessstudios.com or call 404-257-1257.

Live Session - 75 Minutes: $150
(In person or phone/Skype) 

Remote Session - 60 Minutes: $120
(remote session, 15 minute phone call for debrief and facilitation)

New York - 75 Minutes: $150
(In person only) 

Kinesiology Training Session - 75 Minutes: $150
(In person or Skype) 

System Reboot - 90 Minutes: $150
(In person only)

[Kinesiology sessions are planned out in year long programs.]

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About Kinesiology

Awareness Kinesiology is a technology used to identify and "clear" belief systems, and emotional patterning/conditioning from childhood, ancestry, and DNA lineage in the body, fields, mind and subconscious - all the components that contribute to how we perceive and relate to the reality. 

The key to awareness is the ability to bring in a higher consciousness/energy that is of Spirit.  Kinesiology sessions will help you to clear out the old - to make space for the new and for the guidance of Grace and Spirit.  

Kinesiology uses "muscle testing", the science of subtle energy testing in muscle contraction and un-contraction, as a bio-feedback indicator for determining "yes/no" responses in the body/energetic system.  The natural intelligence of the body and the "right-brain" can be opened to allow one to be "guided" in life.  

Living a soul path, an aligned and creative life on Mission, is the what opens the heart and brings meaning and fulfillment.

Kinesiology sessions begin with a discussion.  You will relax on a massage table (sessions are fully clothed) or in a comfortable place at home if the session is over the phone.

Each session is opened and closed with meditations and visualizations. Using the imagination and visualizations deepen the work by opening the "right-brain", the divergent, creative neuro-pathways - so we can "get the mind out of the way". This allows us to have the acceptance and wisdom for a different perception in life, and therefore "clear" the old interference.

Kinesiology is deep and fascinating subject! We encourage you to ask questions and pay close attention to the body and reality.  Illusion and "programming" become more visible as patterns - there will be a stronger relationship to the inner and to Spirit.

Reboot Sessions

A Reboot is exactly what is sounds like.  This is a method of "rebooting" the internal computer - the sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous system.  This reset allows a new perspective as well as tremendous clarity about the past. This session is highly recommended just as one would "update" the software on a computer system.