Living Sacred Service Program

A sober life serves the space...
The listening - the Yin - serves the space...

This program is designed to support the full expression of your Mission - it allows for the development and alignment of the "inner" to a deeper space of awareness and contribution from the heart. The training is a Yin process of inner-unfoldment and expansion into the "unknowing" alongside the development of practices and new structures that can best communicate talents and creativity. And this is an ego-dissolving process.

Living Sacred Service is designed to train forward what is sacred as we wake up in our lives to follow a Spirit path of service. We ask students to listen to a deep calling that looks to this training to answer a longing for others, to grow the strength of their hearts and spirit. Beyond survival – to fully live past the "I"... Here. Now. This lifetime.


$1775 per Weekend (Thursday - Sunday)

Weekend Room and Board:

$325 per Weekend. Includes 3 nights at the retreat cabins, all meals, and supplies for the weekend.


7-Day Core Alignment Intensive or OneDream Program

Program Registration:

This is an advanced program. An application and interview process is provided for acceptance into this program.  If you have questions, or are interested in beginning the application process, please contact us at

More About Living Sacred Service

Year 1: Inner Development

Weekend 1: Reading the Reality
Weekend 2: Soul Mythology
Weekend 3: Heart Equalization

  • Knowing the truth of the reality and its connection to the unconscious.

  • Being present in the body to effect a deeper communication from the heart.

  • Dismantling the "self" to become transparent.

  • Holding a witnessing space, a non-reactive space.

  • Plunging into a willing surrender.

  • Befriending your inner psychology.

Year 2: Practice

Weekend 1: Command of Care
Weekend 2: Soul Attunement
Weekend 3: Visioning From the Heart

  • Emerging into a world that communicates beyond the mind.

  • Moving to influence others to a higher state of awareness.

  • Maturing into true contribution - generating the "field".

  • Strengthening to hold the deeper energies in contribution to others.

  • Discipline and practice in holding the deeper truth, past the mind.

  • Learning to speak from the heart.

Year 3: Deepening

Weekend 1: Soul PhD
Weekend 2: Releasing the Webbings
Weekend 3: Vision of Honoring

Year 4: Implementational Playing Fields (LLCs)