Living Sacred Service Program

A sober life serves the space...
The listening - the Yin - serves the space...

This program is designed to support the full expression of your Mission - it allows for the development and alignment of the "inner" to a deeper space of awareness and contribution from the heart. The training is a Yin process of inner-unfoldment and expansion into the "unknowing" alongside the development of practices and new structures that can best communicate talents and creativity. And this is an ego-dissolving process.

Living Sacred Service is designed to train forward what is sacred as we wake up in our lives to follow a Spirit path of service. We ask students to listen to a deep calling that looks to this training to answer a longing for others, to grow the strength of their hearts and spirit. Beyond survival – to fully live past the "I"... Here. Now. This lifetime.

Year 1: Inner Development

Weekend 1: Reading the Reality
Weekend 2: Soul Mythology
Weekend 3: Heart Equalization

  • Knowing the truth of the reality and its connection to the unconscious.

  • Being present in the body to effect a deeper communication from the heart.

  • Dismantling the "self" to become transparent.

  • Holding a witnessing space, a non-reactive space.

  • Plunging into a willing surrender.

  • Befriending your inner psychology.

Year 2: Practice

Weekend 1: Command of Care
Weekend 2: Soul Attunement
Weekend 3: Visioning From the Heart

  • Emerging into a world that communicates beyond the mind.

  • Moving to influence others to a higher state of awareness.

  • Maturing into true contribution - generating the "field".

  • Strengthening to hold the deeper energies in contribution to others.

  • Discipline and practice in holding the deeper truth, past the mind.

  • Learning to speak from the heart.

Year 3: Deepening

Weekend 1: Soul PhD
Weekend 2: Releasing the Webbings
Weekend 3: Vision of Honoring

Year 4: Implementational Playing Fields (LLCs)