Q: Who is Apollonia?

A: I am someone having a human experience attempting to live the soul and spirit through and through.

I embrace all aspects of self – by both allowing them to speak and be seen clearly – not held in denial. Allowing them to arise in real life – watching the unconscious – and truly believing that the unconscious produces reality and that aliveness is an opportunity to embrace all aspects of self at the same time. We are bringing in discipline to the reactive body so a more mature, deeper, true nature-centered self truly begins to run a life.

In the end, it is all about listening to the self – spirit and body – and the unconscious – the “players in the reality” and continuing to learn how to mold all of that energy into something that is truly authentic – not just real in terms of a “teenager” given permission to express.  And so much spiritual discipline is geared so that what is in the body and in the unconscious is in denial.  This all more so that one day there is a possibility that the spirit I truly am, the generosity of heart that is my birthright, the truly genuine me which is the “spirit me” in the body will face/experience my life.

The ability we are growing is to be present in the moment and embody "my" life, meet "my" life, experience all of "me" in that and continue watching the evolution of life in "me" and others – as all of life brings "me" to a sacred experience of life itself.

Q: How do you help people begin to grow in this way?

A: The first round of experience happens at the School of Humanity & Awareness (SoHA) at the Inner Awareness Course.  It is truly about learning, acceptance, more generosity to the self and others and really beginning to see what is in the unconscious - and beginning to embrace more truth of who we are – through care and quality of attention.  When more truth arises then we can choose love faster - as though we are untying a knot.

In the first stage everything comes from the outside.  Inner Awareness and the Insight Courses at SoHA and all the participants provide the food to allow a person to begin to embrace what is on the inside.  The big leap happens when a person chooses to want to maintain that space without the external support.  When they are ready to empower themselves to want to be the master of their reality and not be whipped about in reactions – then they go to the next level.

In the second level (Core Alignment Intensive) the student starts disciplining their listening in order to meet themselves and begins to generate the love and care and the spiritual connection from within.  This listening and generating is not dependent on energy from the outside – but is created and produced by the student wherever they go as an experience of life.

Most of us are so associated to blaming the external reality that we don’t go past the first stage – we get addicted to the first level because we are being fed (and because the second level is much harder).

If we take the responsibility to sit quietly and go to a larger self to determine how we are generating reality – not through the style of meditation that subdues the reactive energies – but by sitting in a full aliveness - one may redefine the perceptual identity of who one is as a larger Spirit-connected being.

Q: How do you teach this process?

A: This process is taught through loving life.  Not by running from it and the opportunity it provides. It is about leaning into living life… there is a curiosity – not as life as been defined before referent to ecstatic reactions and emotions – but through loving life through the possibility of having an extremely deep relational experience to the self.  Like tilling soil – so what we define as fulfillment that is our nature to contribute becomes the flower that was seeded in the relationship with the self.

This gets us out of the deadness of the culture – to meet the fear and hurts. We must meet the true experience of life first.  Go into aliveness first – till the soil, unravel your life – eat the food of love and care like fertilizer.  Only then can you produce a level of mindful awareness that allows sitting with the self and embracing the self deeper.

What happens in the courses creates an energy that makes everything louder – like a family gathering where all the family members are present and what is really going on within can be seen.  The spiritual energy that comes into the room can have love, kindness, care and acceptance for the self – this begins to allow the self to transform – into who it really is and where it truly belongs.

In Core Alignment we provide the stillness to sit with the self – to hold the self in loving-kindness and then the spiritual energies come in to re-charge the system into what it really wants.

I have worked on myself so intensely, that I create an aura of this energy for transformation.  We bring in an energy that is intense enough to recharge the soil – most spiritual teachers are trying to teach in depleted soil.  We have students resolve with their parents enough to parent themselves through connection to Spirit.  This allows the absorption of the spiritual teachings wherever people go to be connected to them.

Q: How did you decide on this way and path of teaching connection to Spirit?

A: We all enjoy the fulfillment of knowing we have treated someone with care and kindness – of knowing we have stretched ourselves in ingenuity, creativity and hard work.  We know we are fulfilled when we are truthful with ourselves and are listening to the voice inside us that has integrity to our higher values.  We really enjoy our lives when we come at them from a mature space.

Q: How did you come to this?

A: We were born to create.  We long to be creators.  I kept looking for what was true inside of me. What is true inside of me?

I kept pursuing a deeper and deeper honesty in me – the wants and desires – until I got to the core pieces of what I really long for – I learned to listen deeper and deeper to what was underneath the reality I was producing.  And that is what we teach.

This work began to produce deeper and deeper listening of others – I became a stake in the ground for people that shines a light beyond the wants and needs/desires of their constructs – the proving/starving ego structures. I hold that stake and go deeper – I can feel and hear the true longing of their essence. And because I have done this process in myself – walking my own path – I provide a strong believing that the longing inside can be lived out.

The depth of this work gives me the distinct ability to hear and see the true nature and name someone into it – and hold that identity, relate to that person from that identity, believe in that identity – and that believing is what everyone has always been waiting for.  “Please see the real me, believe in the real me – beyond all my structures and how I make you feel.”  That is what we all want – someone to see us beyond how we are able to see ourselves – to hold the ground for us and teach us how to walk on it.

The work allows me to create and generate a perceptual redefinition of a reality for the other – which at first can feel awkward and un-livable to them.  But in the end, it is the possibility of living their true self – not living a life that is false to them – and so they love it.

A lot of my work is about getting down to that truth and developing the wisdom and compassion to manage it into a life fully aligned on all levels.

Q: How are you teaching your others to teach this kind of deep, life experience-related wisdom as you teach it?

A: The practitioners in training are in a rigorous training to getting down to the truth in themselves – how they live their lives – the actors in their plays – with a witness consciousness.  It is strenuous and develops in amazing ways over time with lots of compassion to the self in learning.  They continue to refocus on the expansion of the heart in greater ease every day.

Our practitioners provide a listening, quality of attention, and caring space to begin to untie the knots. They have much experience at this level.

It is like being in the “matrix” and unplugging someone – not through a machine – but through the energetic stance of seeing, knowing and believing in the one who is real…

Q: People say you create miracles in the courses – how is that?

There is another world – another dimension - that is where the real world is.  I have access to that frequency – and in that frequency if the moment is right, the false-self just falls away – that is what they are calling a miracle. It feels liberating and it is the deep sense and experience of one’s own spirit that is miraculous – it is not so much related to “Apollonia” as they may think.

That world, that frequency, is like an underground stream that feeds everything – and when I put my focus on it and begin to resonate at the level of that stream – it simply clears off what is unreal.

I work to redefine what most people have judgments about into a deeper “listened-to” truth of the person. Once this truth is heard the acting-out reactions of a person are no longer needed.

Q: How long does it take to go through this process?

A: A long time.

It moves though stages.  Each stage has a benefit.  The hardest part is getting the person to pick up the believing in their new identity. I don’t deal with the problem – I am dealing with the core truth of why the problem was initially created to pay attention to some aspect of the self – I pay attention.

This new identity cannot be had through positive affirmations.

I actually believe what Christ said, “This and more you can do…”  Well what are we doing?  I hear and see the truth of this statement in people – that is what I live for.

Why even live if we are all so reactionary that everything is just programmed and unreal?