This short video is a description of IT, by a SoHA student and practitioner.

Impact Training (IT) is a modality for alignment and expansion. There are 3 components to the learning of kinesiology.

  1. Mechanics

  2. Energetics

  3. Awareness Training

This course is taught over 6 months. This program is both interactive with the trainers, and also a home study. Students will study the training videos before and after the classes at their own timing. If there is a training class that is missed, students may watch the video of that class.

  1. 1-Day Initiatory Class and All Materials

  2. 10 Training Classes

  3. All Video Instrucions

Tuition: $4200


  • 1-Day initiatory class

  • ReUnion Process Book (the “big book”)

  • Core Facilitation Book

  • 10 training classes (every other Thursday, 7:30-9:30pm EST)

  • All video trainings

Optional: $1200

Package of 10 Personal Training Sessions that may be scheduled at any time.
Originally $1500 - Includes $300 discount.

Training Class Dates:

  1. Jan 20, 2019 - 9:30-3:30pm (In-person or online) NYC

  2. Feb TBA

  3. Feb TBA

  4. Mar TBA

  5. Mar TBA

  6. Apr TBA

  7. Apr TBA

  8. May TBA

  9. May TBA

  10. Jun TBA

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