Divergent Collective

The Divergent collectives is a collective for the divergent children made up of Divergent neurons that are living divergent children. Children, heart, divergent neurons…

It is a place of home where they can be reflected...we want to create a world where we can see what the Divergent neurons would create, a world of imagination - a world that then that imagination can be implemented.


$1775 per Weekend (Thursday - Sunday)

Weekend Room and Board:

$325 per Weekend. Includes 3 nights at the retreat cabins, all meals, and supplies for the weekend.


LSS, 7-Day Core Alignment Intensive or OneDream Program

Program Registration:

This is an advanced program. An application and interview process is provided for acceptance into this program.  If you have questions, or are interested in beginning the application process, please contact Veena Khan at veena@awarenessstudios.com.