Awareness Training Sessions

30 Minutes: $200
50 Minutes: $275
60 Minutes: $325 (2 people)
15 Minutes: $100
(In person or via phone) 

New York
30 Minutes $250
60 Minutes $375
60 Minutes: $500 (2 people)
(In person only) 

Sessions for Business Development

Sessions are related to creative work and business. Requires ability to risk and experiment with care and a larger vision of the alignment to mission.

30 Minutes: $250
60 Minutes: $400
60 Minutes: $500 (2 people)
(In person or via phone)

Awareness Training Sessions are created into year long programs and are paired with Awareness Kinesiology Program to enhance learning and movement forward.

Recording Sessions: We recommend that you record your session. Tape-A-Call is a free app that works well for sessions.