7-Day Core Alignment Intensive (Mundus Imaginalis)

The Core Alignment experience is designed to follow the organic rhythms of what is natural in humans - opening the right-brain perception as we wake up in the moment - to create an inner spaciousness from which we can "listen" to a deeper flow.

The availability to take the mind offline for seven days - to have the courage and trust to go deep and energize the body - to purge old stagnant energy - and truly trust the deeper self in the "listening" - changes our lives forever.

This is a massive study in Awareness Training and Heart Opening. It is real liberation to have the opportunity to radically change our perception - and therefore our reality.

"The 'identity' you are using now is limiting you. Core Alignment is the opportunity to enter a 'mystery' of who you are - an unknowing that allows the soul nature to arise. It is important to be aware that during this period of time you will be asked to detach from the grip of your current perceptions into a sense of awe. You cannot use who you have been, to produce the you that is arising."  ~ Apollonia

7-Day Core alignment Intensive 2019 Dates:  TBD

7-Day Core Alignment Intensive (Monday evening through Sunday afternoon)

Prerequisites for the Core Alignment:

  • Kinesiology Training (SoHA's mini-course or Impact Training)

  • Heart Table Gestalt (at SoHA)

  • Guide and Kinesiology Sessions

  • Inner Awareness Course and Assisting (at SoHA)

If there are pre-requisites that have not been completed, a plan may be created for the student to receive all the trainings before the Core Alignment.  


Tuition is $6000.  
A $2,000 deposit is required upon enrollment to hold your space in the course. The balance is due 2 weeks prior to the course.  

Room and Board

Includes 6 nights at the retreat cabins plus all meals and course supplies for the weekend. 
Not included in tuition.


Twin Rivers Reteat, Demorest, GA

Program Registration:

This is an advanced program. An application and interview process is provided for acceptance into this program.  If you have questions, or are interested in beginning the application process, please contact Veena Khan at veena@awarenessstudios.com.